AVG Antivirus Review

AVG is an excellent choice for cyberthreat security. It has an impressive feature suite, excellent malware protection scores, and a reasonable price. However, it did have some issues in our tests such as being heavy on system resources as well as a number of false positives.

The interface of AVG has a simple and clear design. Its dashboard will let you know if your computer has been protected and allows you to run a manual scanner through its menu. You can modify the scans and notifications. You can also black-list or white-list applications and choose which data AVG will give to its parent company. AVG comes with a variety of additional tools, such as a document shredder, as well as a don’t disturb mode that prevents you from being interrupted when playing games or watching films.

Security features include a password manager and firewall. It also has an antivirus scanner. The anti-phishing and ransomware security is near perfect and its Enhanced Firewall has additional functionality like data leak protection and look at this site ARM Spoofing alerts. The firewall is particularly strong when it is connected to public networks, since it uses machine learning to understand what’s normal and what isn’t, and can then automatically adapt to.

AVG’s support options include forums online community helpline, and a vast knowledge base. You can also reach its customer service via email or through a chat feature on its website. The free version of the program isn’t loaded with annoying upgrade prompts, however you’ll have to contend advertisements when using the application.

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